The Red Dog Philosophy

Do you tell yourself that strategic marketing and public relations is only for the big dogs?
Red Dog cares about making PR work for you, whatever the size of your business or organisation. 

"At Red Dog, strategy is key."

Red Dog Public Relations logo

At Red Dog, we believe organisations of any size should be able to access strategic and creative public relations advice and support. We love working with local businesses which make such a difference to the communities they operate in. We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses and organisations throughout Kent.

At Red Dog, strategy is key, whatever the size of the organisation we are working with.  We believe it's important to have a good understanding of what our clients want to achieve, with clearly defined objectives. We then work closely with our clients to create a marketing and communications strategy. 

Red Dog can draw upon a wide range of public relations, marketing and promotional tactics. We enjoy thinking 'outside the box' and designing creative solutions to meet our clients' communications and marketing needs. 

At Red Dog we care about results.  We evaluate our work against clearly defined objectives to ensure we meet our clients' expectations.