Work with Red Dog

Sometimes it's difficult to know whether marketing and public relations can help your organisation, either with its day-to-day challenges or long-term objectives.

"Red Dog can help you define your target audiences and develop the best straegies for reaching them."

.Here are a few scenarios where well-planned PR can really help:

  • Does your business have a strong local presence, but you feel the time is right to spread your reach to regional or national customers? Red Dog can help you define your target audiences and develop the best strategies for reaching them.

  • Are you so busy running your day-to-day business that you struggle to put aside time to plan your marketing and promotions? A small, local public relations specialist could be just the answer!

  • Would you like to run a specific promotion in relation to a new product or service? Or to coincide with a relevant event or occasion (such as Christmas)? A public relations campaign using various tactics such as promotional materials, media relations and social media can be key.

  • Red Dog can help businesses establish an on-line presence and run digital marketing campaigns. Social media can be a very effective marketing tool for your business.

  • Do you need help raising your profile among existing clients and customers? Red Dog can create a communications campaign using email and newsletters.

  • Are you worried about a new competitor? Red Dog can help you consolidate and grow your customer loyalty and maybe even work with your competitors.  Competition can be a good thing!

Not sure what public relations actually means?  Below are some practical examples of public relations tactics:
  • Media relations

  • Leaflets & posters

  • Newsletters & mailings

  • Social media

  • E-newsletters & emails​

  • Advertising

  • Digital marketing

  • Events

  • Sales promotions

  • Loyalty schemes

  • Brochures

  • Research

Because Red Dog is an experienced, small and flexible consultancy, we can help with a wide range of affordable yet professional public relations services.

Next steps:

  • Red Dog can meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your organisation's needs and objectives and whether you would benefit from public relations support.

  • We then provide an outline proposal exploring marketing and PR ideas, tactics and strategies which could work for you.  

  • Following further discussions and feedback, this can then be worked up into a fully detailed and costed proposal.


Please contact us to discuss how marketing and public relations can help your business or organisation.