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“The Story of a Medieval Creekside Quay”

The story of Standard Quay’s historical booklet and the satisfaction of seeing a project through from concept to finished product.

Standard Quay in Faversham is a lively Creekside attraction, with a wonderful selection of shops and places to eat and drink. The Quay is steeped in fascinating history and the owners were keen to capture this and share it in a booklet for visitors and customers.

They also wanted to provide their tenants and businesses with good quality promotional material which they would enjoy giving away to people to take home and keep. It was also intended that the booklets would also encourage visitors to return.

Red Dog PR was commissioned to oversee this project and was involved in carrying out the historical research, writing the copy and overseeing the booklet’s design and print.

It was important that the booklets were of a lovely quality and attractive appearance that would encourage visitors to pick them up and pop them in their bags to bring home. Faversham photographer Simon Shaw and illustrator Jemma McCardle were asked to provide illustrations and photographs which captured both the detail and historical magic of Standard Quay. Canterbury-based Mickle Design has worked extensively with Standard Quay in the past and were asked to put together the booklet’s design.

In addition to the attractive images, the booklet was printed on a good quality non-coated paper with a tactile texture reminiscent of ancient parchments! This has contributed to the appeal of the booklets which have already gone down a storm with the shop owners at the Quay and their customers.

Standard Quay has a long and fascinating history and the challenge was to distill this down to a twenty-page booklet that was accurate, relevant and interesting to read. After days pouring over research and historical documents, Red Dog PR captured the particularly interesting information and details and turned them into something that would interest people who live in Faversham and the town’s visitors.

Anyone wishing to pick up a booklet should visit the shops at Standard Quay where they are in stock.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as Standard Quay, Red Dog PR and Mickle Creative enjoyed creating them.

Check out the booklet here

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