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When all your energy goes into running a business, it's hard to find time for marketing and PR.

Maybe you worry whether a PR specialist would take the time to get to know you.  You want someone to care about your business as much as you do.

You may think hiring a professional might be expensive and that your business is too small to justify it.

Red Dog Public Relations is about working with local businesses of all sizes. We really care about making a difference.

We are passionate about helping people in ways which are both strategic and creative.  Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean you can’t think big.

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Who is Red Dog?

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Ima Rix
Red Dog Public Relations

Member of Faversham Traders Association

Red Dog has been created by Ima Rix who started her PR career working for London consultancies on a wide range of communications campaigns.  Clients included the Alzheimer's Society; the Health Education Authority; Air Miles; Dulux Trade; Dyno-Rod; British Red Cross; Sunglass Hut and Initial UK. Work for these organisations represented a wide range of communications and PR activities. 

Ima then concentrated on working with not-for-profit organisations running the national press office for Anchor Trust, a charity working with older people on issues relating to housing and care.

After taking a break to raise her family, Ima joined Faversham Enterprise Partnership to work on various business support initiatives including town centre promotions; a Faversham customer loyalty scheme and a programme of support initiatives for local businesses. 

Ima also organised the popular Faversham Transport Weekend for a few years as well as the high profile Faversham Magna Carta Weekend.

Red Dog Public Relations combines Ima's broad experience in public relations with her love of supporting local businesses. 

Where appropriate, Ima sources the help of other professionals who may have a specific area of expertise.  These colleagues can also work alongside Ima to provide additional help and support for larger pieces of work.  This collaboration is what makes Red Dog Public Relations. 


"My fox red Labrador is loyal, caring, hardworking, patient and eager to please.

So Red Dog seemed the perfect name for my public relations business!"   

Red Dog Public Relations